Madisonville, TX Courthouse and Town Fire, Jan 1873



NAVASOTA, Jan. 23.

A distressing fire occurred in Madisonville, Texas, on Monday night, the 20th instant.  The following parties were losers:  R. C. & F. J. Westmoreland, $3000 -- no insurance; Henry King, $6000 -- no insurance; Wilson, Yarborough & Co., $6000 -- no insurance. The law books of M. Y. Randolph were also destroyed. James Kent lost $500.  The records of Madison county were destroyed and about one hundred deeds that were on file.  It was evidently the work of an incendiary.  This is the second burning of the records of Madison county since the war.   J.

Galveston Tri-Weekly News, Galveston, TX 24 Jan 1873


The Court House in Madison county was destroyed by fire a few days ago, supposed to have been the work of incendiarism.  It "is laid at the door of a gang of out laws who are said to infest the west end of the county, for the purpose of destroying the evidence on docket against them." So says the Huntsville Item.

Dallas Weekly Herald, Dallas, TX 8 Feb 1873