Goliad, TX Goliad County Courthouse Fire, Jun 1870

Later from the Fire at Goliad.

GOLIAD, Texas, June 28, 1870.

As Mr. J. M. Goffe was going to the Postoffice about daylight on Monday morning, the 27th inst., he discovered smoke issuing out of the doors and windows of the Courthouse, and immediately gave the alarm when, with the assistance of some of the citizens, the blinds were broken open, and a large volume of smothered smoke, followed by a burst of flame, came out, and the heat was so intense within that it was impossible to save any of the records except a few desks and books from the District Clerk's office.

Nothing but the walls and chimneys now stand, which are of stone, to mark the ruins. It was no doubt fired by some interested or vicious villain, as no fire has recently been used on the premises, to destroy the records or ruin the fair reputation this county has lately been gaining for peace and security.  A general feeling of despondency and mourning prevails over the community, rendered more so as no public clue is had to the perpetrators.

Since the above, part of the deed books have been recovered from the ruins. Though badly damaged, much of the value can be gleaned from them. The county seal is recovered in order.

Flake's Bulletin, Galveston, TX 6 Jul 1870


The destruction of our Court House and records suggests the necessity of our citizens together and making an appeal to the Legislature for some kind of relief. -- Goliad Guard, July 2.

It would have been more satisfactory if the particulars of the burning had been given. We find the following in the Victoria Advocate:

About daylight, on the morning of the 27th, the Court House at Goliad was discovered to be on fire.  Every effort was made to check the progress of the destroying element, but in vain.  The house, with all its contents, save one or two books in the clerk's office, was destroyed.  No clue has been discovered as to the origin of the fire.

Flake's Bulletin, Galveston, TX 9 Jul 1870


Letter from Refugio.

Refugio County, Texas,

July 7th, 1870

The burning of the courthouse and jail at Goliad was undoubtedly the work of the same incendiaries who once before succeeded in burning part of the records of the district court.  Fools, they will be again indicted.

Houston Daily Union, Houston, TX 19 Jul 1870