El Paso, TX Flood, July 1895

At 8 o'clock yesterday afternoon, dark, angry looking clouds from the east swept over the city and dropped a heavy shower of rain, and on Franklin mountain there was a regular cloud burst. The water rushed down from the mountains in little rivers, overflowing the ditch north of the Southern Pacific track and flooded San Antonio and Oregon streets; the water overflowed the sidewalks and advanced to the very doors of Stolaroff's dry goods store and the Silver Palace saloon. The alley between the Bronson block and the Astor House was a miniature river. But Street Commissioner McGlennen followed up the waters with a force of men and opened up all outlets to enable the water to pass on to the river [Rio Grande] and in this way considerable damage was averted. As the rain had ceased falling in the city before the water from the mountainside made its appearance the sidewalks were thronged with hundreds of people watching the progress of the mountain torrents. – El Paso Times.

Friday, July 26, 1895