Cleburne, TX Burned by Overturned Lamp, Jan 1886


A Lady Severely Burned by the Overturning of a Lamp.

Special to the News.

CLEBURNE. Jan. 31. -- Another horrible burning occurred in the country, about seven miles east of here, last night, the particulars of which cannot be accurately given, as the news was brought 2 o'clock this morning by a man who was sent here for mediciue [sic], and, being hero only a few minutes, did not give a very full account.

A lady, the daughter of Mr. N. J. Rogers, while at her home with no one but her little daughter, aged 12 years, and an infant, was horribly burned by having a lamp overturned into her lap, the contents of which saturated her clothing and then caught fire.  The little child, in playing about the room, ran against the table, with this terrible result.  She attempted to extinguish the flames by throwing a bucket of water on her mother, but to no avail, as all her clothing burned and her body literally parched.  Neighbors, attracted by the screams of the unfortunate woman came, but too late to do any good, save to comfort the little girl who was almost wild with terror and grief at the result of her innocent play.

Dallas Morning News, Dallas, TX 1 Feb 1886