Devers, TX Pipeline Explosion, May 1975


Devers, Tex. (AP) - "A stream of fire shot across the road like a giant blowtorch, then the explosion
blew my car clear across the road,"
BOND watched as a liquefied petroleum gas pipeline exploded near this Southeast Texas town Monday, killing four persons in a car engulfed by flames.
BOND, 36, of Liberty was driving on U.S. 90 when the explosion occurred 2 1/2 miles east of Devers.
"The flames shot across the road, catching the car that was coming toward me," said BOND, who was treated and released from a Liberty hospital.
Highway patrolmen identified the four charred bodies in the burned car as those of PEGGY STROUD, 22, and GEORGIA STROUD, 54, both of Stark, La., and ALFRED and BETTY ASHWORTH, ages unavailable, both of Beaumont, Tex.
The eight-inch pipeline was owned by Bronco Pipeline Co., a subsidiary of Dow Chemical Co.
A Dow spokesman said late Monday cause of the blast was not known.
The Southern Pacific Railroad said the explosion ripped up 180 feet of its track running parallel to the pipeline and highway. Trees on both side of the highway caught fire.
BOND told the Department of Public Safety he smelled gas in the area before the explosion at 12:30 p.m. The fire was brought under control about four hours later.

Amarillo Globe-Times Texas 1975-05-13