Baytown, TX Auto And Gasoline Truck Crash, Apr 1958


Baytown, Tex. (AP) - An auto and a gasoline truck collided yesterday and were engulfed by a lake of fire. Six persons, including four children, were killed.
A mother and her four children returning from an Easter holiday were in the auto. The truck driver was alone.
"I heard a woman scream, 'Lord, save my
baby!'" said Mrs. Mattie Jones, who lives about 100 yards from where the accident occurred near this southeast Texas city.

"The poor people were screaming and crying for their lives . . . for someone to help them," she said.
Police Chief R. W. Montgomery said he had reports an auto moved onto the highway, causing the truck to stop quickly. In halting, he said, the tank-trailer jack-knifed into the path of the TAYLOR car.

The explosion and fire knocked out telephone lines alongside the road. The track contained 4,600 gallons of gasoline.
Killed were:
MRS. MARY TAYLOR, 33, of Liberty, Tex.;
and her four children, LELAND, 14; MARY, 12; LINDA, 10; and JOHN, 6; and MILTON HEATON, Baytown, the truck driver.
L. E. Taylor, a service station employee, said his wife and children had visited relatives in Houston over the Easter holiday and were en route home.

The La Crosse Tribune Wisconsin 1958-04-08