Cotulla, TX Three Autos Collide, Oct 1959


Cotulla (AP) - Three cars rammed together in a crash that killed five men and ended a highway chase at up to 120 miles per hour Sunday.
Highway Patrolmen George Peterson and Ray Curtis spotted a car reported stolen earlier at Laredo, 67 miles south, and went after it.
At the Nueces River bridge just outside Cotulla, the fleeing auto swerved across the road and smashed into one travelling in the opposite direction. Unable to stop, PETERSON and CURTIS piled into the wreckage as it spun back into their path.
Killed in the crash were an unidentified man driving the stolen vehicle and four occupants of the car it met - driver ROY GARCIA, 23; YSABEL GALLEGOES and JESSE CHACON, 25, all of Devine, and ERNESTO BUSTOS of Brooks AFB at San Antonio.
Sheriff Frank Newman of Cotulla said the pursued driver carried no papers and officers had found no clue to his identity.
"I was up ahead getting ready to block the road," said Newman. "He probably would have got me next."
LUCIO VERA, 34, of Devine and another companion of GARCIA, was taken to a hospital with both legs and six ribs broken.

The Eagle Bryan Texas 1959-10-12