Amarillo, TX Convalescent Home Fire, Dec 1950


CHARLEY ADKINSON, 70, said he was able to walk out by himself; MRS. MARGARET CRAVENS, 45, of Kansas City, Mo., could hardly talk because of smoke inhaled at the fire; A. C. SMITH gave his age as 113 and who said, "I waited quietly until someone helped me out. Everyone else seemed excited and confused."
SAM Y. GRAYSON, 77, was able to walk from the burning building; J. H. COLLINS, 69, of Sweetwater, an employee whose duties consisted of washing dishes and milking cows, had been off duty yesterday, in bed with a bad cold.
CURLEY PEPPERS, about 55, who has been blind for 35 years, was saved. His wife, JENNIE, 57, who said, "I don't know how I got out. All I could hear was screaming."
Others treated were MRS. MINERVA BALES, 82, of New Castle, Ind.; GEORGE ALLISON, 76 who hurt his hand getting out; GEORGE WHITSON, about 75; MRS. ALMEDA NORRIS, 82, who formerly lived with a daughter, MRS. OPHELIA MORRIS at 1100 Alcott Street, Pampa; E. G. GLENN, 65, Amarillo; and ED BURKE, age and home unknown.
MISS DAISY D. LEFORS, 70, of Los Angeles, said she was sitting on the end porch when the fire broke out. 'Someone grabbed me and led me out. I don't know who it was." The parrot also was brought to St. Anthony's where Sister Mary, in charge of the hospital's kitchen, took over its custody.
MRS. ABBIE WENISEY, 86 of Canyon, was expected to heave the hospital last night to stay with relatives.
Others brought to St. Anthony's included, EARL SIMMONS, 70, who was taken on to relatives in Canyon by REV. JACK SISEMORE, pastor of Line Avenue Baptist Church. MARY JANET WRIGHT, 82, was given a sedative for shock and then taken to the home of relatives in Amarillo.
G. T. DEAN, 82, convalescing at the home with a broken hip and two broken legs, was carried out in a wheel chair. ROBERT SOMMERFELT, 76, of Westfield, Wis., arrived at the home only yesterday; ARTHUR COLEMAN, 65 a Negro of Amarillo, couldn't remember his street address or how he got out of the building. He was in a wheelchair and has been unable to walk for several years.
MRS. LOU HAVICS, 71, said she had been at the home since October. She couldn't remember her name for some time after she arrived at the hospital. MRS. A. L. EDEN, 88, of Maysville, Ky., said two of the nurses at the home carried her out through the smoke-filled ramp between the home's largest barracks building and the residence of MRS. WALKER.
Three others were unable to collect their wits and closest identifies were the names of BETTY GOBER, 80; ED BURKE, about 78; and a MRS. WAITE, 70, who could not remember her first name.
Immediately after the emergency alert was given at St. Anthony's Hospital, Fr. BARTHOLOMEW O'BRIEN and Fr. K. HEYBURN sped to the scene of the fire and assisted ambulance attendants in quieting and comforting the terror-stricken patients.
County Juvenile Officer JACK GRANT, who arrived early at the scene of the fire and helped to the evacuation of the uninjured, announced last night that he had granted Christmas vacations to all youths held in the County Juvenile Home. Facilities of the Juvenile home will be made available to house the Convalescent Home's patients to prevent overcrowding at St. Anthony's Volunteer nurses will be needed.

The Dead:
MRS. MARGARET BAER, 76, of Amarillo, a blind woman, resident of the convalescent home for only a month.
MRS. TOM DENNIS, 75 years old, of Memphis, resident of the home for the past three years.
MRS. W. P. VINSON, 77, of Amarillo, resident of the home since September, 1950.
MRS. SUSIE PARSONS, 76, of Canyon, resident of the home less than a year.
J. C. COLLETT, 89, of Roaring Springs, retired carpenter, a blind man, resident of the home about a year.
JIM DELZELL, 82, former prominent real estate man of Amarillo, resident of the home for many years.
F. J. "JIMMY" MADDIS, 87, retired brick-layer and beloved pioneer member of the trade in Amarillo.
MAT KERWIN, 81, of Borger, a blind man, former oil driller and resident at WALKER'S a year and a half.
JOHN W. HALL, 88, a retired Amarillo city painter, who began with the city in 1926.
GEORGE M. ELKINS, 92, of Amarillo and formerly of Snyder, a retired cattleman. He had been at the home since last April.

Amarillo Daily News Texas 1950-12-23