Waco, TX Storm Mar 1897

All Streams Are Rising and a Bridge Has Been Wrecked.
Waco, Tex., March 28.---Accompanying a thunder and lightning storm to-day was tremendous rain which caused some of the streets to look like rivers.
The trolly cars plowed through currents three feet deep. Some damage was done the goods in basements.
Reports from above show freshets in the tributaries.
Steel creek is roaring and the Texas Central bridge over that creek is wrenched, stopping all the trains.
At Valley Mills the Gulf, Colorado and Santa Fe track is washed out.
The Boaque is on a big tear and is pouring a flood into the Brazos river.
The creeks within forty miles of Waco above are all up and the Brazos river is twelve feet above its lowest point. The drift runing[sic] out shows bad freshets in the upper tributarities. Big trees full of green leaves are floating down the swift current. It will take ten feet more of water in the river to get it out of its banks.

Dallas Morning News, Dallas, TX 29 Mar 1897