Dallas, TX Tornado, Apr 1957

Dallas, TX Tornado, 1957, submitted by Stu Beitler Dallas, TX Tornado, 1957, submitted by Stu Beitler Dallas, TX Tornado, 1957, submitted by Stu Beitler Dallas, TX Tornado, 1957, submitted by Stu Beitler


196 Injured;
Damage Heavy.

By Whitey Sawyer
DALLAS (AP) - A huge, black tornado whirled and roared over a deadly, 21-mile path across Dallas yesterday as thousands watched in fear and awe. Ten persons were killed and police sought others reported missing.
Some 196 were treated at hospitals for injuries.
JESS CURRY, assistant police chief, said damage would be at least 1½ million dollars.
Tornadoes also plowed into southern Oklahoma and killed at least five persons. Another person was killed near Paris, Tex., as a series of tornadoes skipped around north Texas.
The tornado lashed out of a black rainstorm. An estimated hundred thousand people watched as it swayed a leisurely, jerky course from South Oak Cliff through west Dallas and northwest Dallas. For 40 horror-filled minutes the lashing funnel filled the dark sky above a frozen city.
Passengers and crew of a Braniff Airlines plane watched from the air as the plane circled after takeoff from Dallas' Love Field.
Traffic piled up into fantastic jams all over western Dallas.
"Oh, lawd, it roared like a freight train and then was on us tearing our house down," ROBERT THURMAN, 31, sobbed. Blood oozed from a wound in his head. He trembled from shock as he sat beside his injured wife at Parkland Hospital.
The hospital was jammed with crying, waiting, bloody people. There were dozens of children, many numb and soaked with blood.
Four of the dead were children, including three in one family. One was a month-old girl and the three brothers and sisters, aged 5, 3 and 2 years.
The funnel was one of a series of twisters which hopped over the state. Other scattered injuries and damage were reported. A wide band of the northwest part of Texas was under a severe weather warning.

Many Panic.
Panic rose in the streets as traffic piled up.
"I've got to get out of this jam“ it's hitting my house and my wife is home," a tearful old man begged and cried.
Many simply abandoned their autos, fearing the tornado was heading toward them. Police cars and ambulances, their sirens screaming, fought for passage.
The tornado was first spotted near Red Bird Airport, about 10 miles south of the heart of this north central Texas city of half a million. It then plowed northward like a giant top, spinning through residential, business and manufacturing areas. It slammed through Oak Cliff, part of the Trinity industrial district, west Dallas and on to the north.
If finally broke up near Love Field, northwest of downtown Dallas.
The base of the funnel apparently varied from 150 to 500 feet in width. Huge pieces of debris were whirled an estimated 2,000 feet into the air and sailed out sideways as the twister smashed houses, businesses, trees and vehicles. Brilliant flashes kept hoping about the base as power and trolly-bus lines snapped.
The twister slammed into a Negro district of small frame houses in west Dallas, leveling 46 of them in a three or four-block area. Nearly 50 persons were injured there.
Police evacuated a 13-block area where 197 homes were destroyed.
BILL McGILL, state coordinator of defense and disaster relief, said a "survey shows 154 houses in Dallas demolished. One hundred sustained major damage and 85 minor damage. Four apartment houses were demolished and 10 commercial buildings destroyed. Two Red Cross shelters were opened for the homeless."

DALLAS (AP) - The dead in the Dallas tornado yesterday were identified as:
WALLY WEAVER, 54, of Dallas, a filling station worker.
MRS. FLORENCE BUDICIL, 64, of Caddo, Okla., visiting a daughter here.
MARY LUCILLE HALLEY, one-month-old daughter of WILLIE JOY HALLEY.
Her mother, ELENA HALLEY.
A sister, MARSHA ANN ANDERSON, 2 years old.
A brother, DONALD RAY ANDERSON, 5 years old.
His wife, VIRGINIA, 84.
LEROY HARRELL, 55, was killed in another tornado that struck near Paris, some 100 miles north of Dallas.
MILTON HILLIARD, 2 years old, die of injuries today.

The Abilene Reporter-News Texas 1957-04-03


This horrible tornado

When this monster struck I was ten,living in Grand Prairie. I stood in the yard and saw that tornado. It was throwing large objects into the air. Sometimes it looked like the whole roof of a house went flying like a frizbee. The frizbee as we know it had not been widely marketed at that time but those things coming out of the tornado spun and flew a long ways. Downright scary!

I just knew people were getting hurt and buildings were being damaged. I didn't see it myself, but we heard there was a section where the buildings on both sides of one street had been pulled toward the center and some of the pipes under the street were ripped out of the ground.

Dallas Tornado

I was 10 years old when this happened, and my Mother and I were at a Doctor's office in Oak Cliff. It came right down the street we were on, a man was killed at a service station across the street from us. We waited inside the clinic in a hallway. I will never forget the sounds and sights that day.

1957 Dallas tornado

I was 10 years old and remember standing in the front yard with my dad watching it as it headed toward us. What we saw was a swirling cloud of debris with huge pieces of trees and lumber. As it drew closer we headed into the house and knelt beside the bed in the front bedroom. Dad prayed as my mom, my two brothers ages 2 and 6 and I huddled together. I remember Dad saying, "Lord if you take us, we are ready to go" The sound was so loud it drowned out everything else. It hit a row of houses one block over from us, but spared us. I remember walking out of the house and seeing shingles and other debris in the front yard. My Dad was a Dallas fireman, so we walked around the neighborhood afterward. Live wires were lying on the sidewalks and most of the houses were either completely gone and had roofs missing. I had never anything so awful in my life.

remember this day well.

I was only 7. we lived in West Dallas. We stood in backyard and watched for a while. them mom said lets go to my Aunts house across the street i could be safer. when I returned to school I saw she could of been right. The houses across the street from my school were all damaged by the Tornado . but there was only one broken window in the school buildings. I remember seeing flashes as the tornado hit powerlines and transformers. We took a ride that night to go check on my uncle who lived out by love field.