Alvarado, TX Auto And Truck Crash, Feb 1973


Alvarado, Tex. (AP) - A collision of a car and a truck loaded with sand killed two Dallas mothers and five children, 4 1/2 miles east of here on U.S. 67 Monday.
Officers identified the dead as WALINDA COLE, 19; and her twins TOMMY and TAMMY, 26-months-old; and SUSIE MAE WHITE, 29, and her children PAULA, 6, and CARLA, 5, and a nephew of MRS. WHITE, RODRICK EALLEAM, 4.
The accident occurred about 30 miles southwest of Dallas.
Truck driver ANTHONY DOBBINGS, 28, of Alvarado, was dismissed after treatment for cuts and bruises.
One of the first persons on the scene, publisher Franklin Pardue of the Alvarado Bulletin, said DOBBINGS told him while waiting for an ambulance, "The first thing I was conscious of was the car approaching in my lane. I was as far over as I could get. I swerved to the left to miss them and the car came right at me."
The crash sliced off the left side of the car. It took four hours to extricate the bodies from the wreckage.

Amarillo Globe-Times Texas 1973-02-13