Sabine Pass, TX Car Plunges Into Bayou, May 1974


Sabine Pass, Tex. (AP) - Seven persons drowned when their runaway car plunged into Texas Bayou near here on the upper Texas coast.
JIM BOHLER, SR., of Kountze, Tex., one of three survivors in a family party of 10, said,
"I dived in once but the water was swift."
Bystanders restrained BOHLER from further rescue efforts.
Killed in the Sunday night accident were BOHLER'S parents-in-law, BENSON CLOUD, 58, and MERTIE CLOUD, 49, of Sulphur, La.; the couple's daughter-in-law, FRANCES G. CLOUD, 25, and her children, SCOTTY, 7, and TODD, 5, of Oakdale, La.; and two of BOHLER'S children, TISHA, 2, and JIM, JR., 3.
BOHLER said he and brother-in-law BENSON CLOUD, JR., who had been driving, stepped from their parked car and left the engine idling. Suddenly the automobile lurched forward, hit another parked vehicle and gained speed as if someone inside hit the accelerator by accident while reaching for the brake, witnesses said.
It then ran onto a boat ramp and plunged into the water. It floated briefly and BOHLER'S wife, DOROTHY, 25, managed to escape before the car sank with the others trapped inside.

Green Bay Press-Gazette Wisconsin 1974-05-20