Brownfield, TX Two Car Collision, July 1964


Brownfield, Tex. (UPI) - An automobile and a station wagon smashed together just after dawn Saturday on a "straight as a string" stretch of West Texas highway, killing eight persons.
The dead, all from Brownfield, were Latin-American farm workers and the victims included three from one family. Seven were killed outright and the eighth, PIMO LUNA RAMON, 34, died in a hospital three hours after the smashup on U.S. Highway 380, one mile west of town.
The dead, besides RAMON, included brothers PABLO GALNAN CASTRO, 21; LUIS CASTRO, JR., 13; LALO GUITTEREZ, 15; CHARLES LONGORIA, 16 and two brothers and their sister, JESUS ESTRADO, 11; ELLEN ESTRADO, 19 and BELLA ESTRADO, 13.
"It was the worst crash in this part of the South Plains I can remember," said Highway Patrolman Fred Lenz.
He said the two cars were "just junk." He said RAMON, the driver of the 1955 model car, was thrown out and onto the highway.
There were no survivors.
Lenz said the highway is "straight as a string and it looked like RAMON tried to pass another car and apparently did not see the station wagon."
Brownfield is 40 miles southwest of Lubbock, Tex.

The Brownsville Herald Texas 1964-07-12