Whitewright, TX area Tornado, Apr 1919

Special to The News.

Sherman, Texas, April 9.-A storm of cyclonic proportions struck Grayson County on the eastern edge last night at 12:45 o'clock, causing at least one death and much property damage.

The storm seems to have struck at Delba, a small community south of Trenton in Hunt County, first, and traveled north and slightly northeast, leaving the ground and passing over Whitewright.

Just south of Bells the tenant houses occupied by four negro families were demolished. Six negroes were more or less hurt, none seriously.

East of Whitewright great damage was wrought. On the farm of TOM MAY the house was blown down. MR. MAY was injured, his skull being crushed. His wife and two children were also badly hurt.

At the JOE MAY place east of Whitewright the house was blown away and MRS. W. H. HORTON was seriously hurt, the two children painfully hurt. MR. HORTON was only slightly bruised.

The DEE GERMAN farm house, one mile southeast of Whitewright, was blown away, but the family escaped by going into the stormhouse.

On the T. H. SEARS farm east of Whitewright a large number of barns and other outbuildings were demolished.

At the AD VESTAL farm, two miles southeast of Whitewright, the house was wrecked, as was also the DAVE LYON house. Both families suffered only slight injuries.

On W. A. KIRKPATRICK's farm, east of Whitewright, the barn was demolished and several smaller outhouses blown away. All were in the stormhouse and no one was hurt.

The houses and barns on the DICK PENNINGTON farm, east of Whitewright, were demolished. The stormhouse saved the families.

Dallas Morning News, Dallas, TX 10 Apr 1919