Fort Worth, TX Flood, Apr 1908




Heavy Rains in Other Sections of Texas Turn Streams to Raging Torrents Doing Much Damage.

Special To The News.

FORT WORTH, Tex., April 23.----Following a cloudburst and hailstorm in the city proper and North Fort Worth this afternoon, the west fork of the Trinity soon escaped its banks west of the meadows between the courthouse and the North Fort Worth Cotton Belt crossing and within an hour the adjacent vicinity was again inundated.

Street car traffic on the North Fort Worth and Rosen Heights lines was at once crippled and at 6 o'clock tonight and expanse of a mile and equally as far east and west. At the pumping station on the West Fork, measurements were taken hourly and by 7 o'clock this evening the water was only a few inches under the record established last Sunday.

During the downpour this afternoon residents of the river bottoms began at once to again move what few household effects had been rescued from the recent flood, but so rapid was the rise that but little could be removed. The result was that again several hundred unfortunates are without shelter and dependent upon the Salvation Army and other local organizations.

Salvation Army Extends Aid.

Upon hearing that the water was again rising, the members of the Salvation Army corps established a second temporary eating house at the foot of the Main street bridge and served warm meals to the many who had been driven from their homes. Secretary Green of the United Charities has also opened a supply headquarters and mattresses, bedding, cooking utensils and food are being extended to the flood victims as rapidly as the latter report.

At 7 o'clock tonight the valley following the river from the Main street bridge to the mouth of Chambers Creek was inundated and at least two hundred homes partially under water. Residents of Valley View addition have again been driven from their homes and suffering among the victims is more keen than a few days ago on account of the loss of food and cooking utensils and other household effects.

The cloudburst at Newark last night did much toward adding to the rise of the West Fork and early this morning the effects of the downpour were noticed locally. Reports received this evening from several points along the West Fork were of a similar nature and all told of a continued rising of the stream, which was rapidly approaching the record established Sunday, which also equaled the high water mark established in 1889.

Upon receiving information that the employes[sic] of the Swift and Armour packeries were again waterbound, special trains were operated this evening to the city from North Fort Worth on the Santa Fe and Fort Worth and Denver lines, and announcement was made that the benefit of the packery employes[sic] from North Fort Worth to the city at 6:30 p. m. On account of the added damage to the North Fort Worth street car lines, traffic had been suspended indefinitely.

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