Denison, TX Train Wreck, Nov 1891


A Disastrous Wreck but No Lives Lost - A Singular Case.

DENISON, Tex., Nov. 6. - Last night between the hours of 11 and 12 o'clock a yard engine collided with the rearend (sic) of a freight train in the Missouri, Kansas and Texas yards, this city, resulting in a destructive wreck. The engine and the caboose were literally ground to pieces. At the time of the accident no one was on the caboose and and (sic) engineer and fireman of the engine saw their danger in time to jump. The accident was the result of a misplaced switch.

Mr. Si Kirk, chief clerk in the Central freight office, this city, is at his home seriously ill with typhoid fever.

A long and locally interesting session of the city council was held last evening. in the meeting Mayor Tone stated that on Monday of next week a number of Missouri, Kansas and Texas officials from Sedalia and probably New York would arrive in the city for the purpose of further looking into the matter of establishing Texas headquarters here.
Wednesday evening C. M. Bimmermun, a freight brakeman on the Minneola division fell from his train three miles southeast of Denison and sustained painful injuries.

Charles Shuell, the yard switchman who was so badly mangled by the cars in this city a month or six weeks ago while attempting to make a coupling at night was yesterday forwarded to the hospital at Sedalia. He has passed the danger point and his recovery is now quite certain.

At the home of Mr. and Mrs. Johnson, No. 1016 West Walker street, this city, is a veritable living skeleton in the form of a 3-year-old girl. Some time since the child was taken sick. Mr. Johnson is a disciple of christian (sic) science and his little daughter has been his patient from a number of months. The case is beginning to attract to a great deal of attention, inasmuch as the little girl has been reduced in weight form about forty to less than six pounds. She still retains the use of her faculties, and is a worthy object of scientific investigation.

Dallas Morning News, Dallas, TX 7 Nov 1891