Junction, TX Mill and Gin Fire, Nov 1903


Mill and Gin Burned.

Junction, Tex., Nov. 17.---The mill and gin of the [ineligible] River Irrigation and Milling Company was burned early Sunday morning last. The building was first found to be on fire about 1:30 a. m. The townspeople used their best efforts to quell the fire but they were unsuccessful, the mill and gin being a total loss. The saw mill belonging to the company was saved, as was also the pumping plant which supplies the town with water. There was no insurance on the buildings. It is not known how the fire started, but it is supposed to have started from a fire built by some workmen who had been working in the mill ditch the day before; the workmen having started a fire for the purpose of warming themselves when they came out of the water. A high wind blew up in the night and it is thought that the wind carried some sparks from the remains of the fire. There was no insurance.

The loss is greatly regretted, both on account of the loss to the company and also on account of there being a great deal of cotton to gin which the farmers will now have to haul to London, a distance of twenty miles.

The Daily Express, San Antonio, TX 20 Nov 1903