Winnsboro, TX Tornado, Apr 1919

Winnsboro Was in Vortex of Devastating Cyclone.

Special to The News.
Winnsboro, Texas, April 9.—The known dead as a result of the terrific storm which swept this region this morning are Mrs. L. c. Calhoun, Adolphus ALSTON and wife, Mrs. S. J. ALSTON, Mrs. J. R. WHITE, J. R. LITTLE Sr., J. R. LITTLE Jr., another son of J. R. LITTLE Sr. and a baby of Mart MORGAN. Other deaths are reported from the territory surrounding here, but authentic details are unavailable. L. C. CALHOUN, who was seriously injured, is not expected to live. Another serious injury was that experienced by Miss. Diamond McLEOD. Many persons are reported to have had arms and legs broken during the storm.

A total of fifty houses are reported to be completely destroyed.

Outbuildings and other obstacles in the way of the storm are demolished. Every physician in Winnsboro is engaged in first aid work, many of the injured from the surrounding territory being brought to the local sanitariums. The communities of Oak Grove, Vernon and Spring Hill suffered most from the storm in this vicinity. Four of the deaths occurred at Oak Grove, the others being killed in the Spring Hill storm. Fields roads and pastures are covered with debris carried in the vortex of the cyclone.

Dallas Morning News, Dallas, TX 10 Apr 1919


List of those Reported Killed by Storm Wednesday
Following is a list of the identified dead:
At Winnsboro:
Mrs. J. S. ALSTON.
Mrs. W. A. ALSTON.

Dallas Morning News, Dallas, TX 10 Apr 1919