Austin, TX Train Accident, Oct 1912


Dr. John Caldwell Hill Run Over by Freight Locomotive and Cars Near Austin.

Special To The News.

Austin, Tex., Oct. 28.---Dr. John Caldwell Hill, aged 38 years, connected with one of Travis County's oldest families, was run over and killed by an International and Great Northern soutbound[sic] freight train at a point some two miles south of Camp Mabry at 1 o'clock this morning. The entire train passed over the body. Deceased is survived by his widow and three children.

Engineer G. E. Worley of the train which killed Hill in a statement to Coroner M. M. Johnson said when his train had swung around a curve he noticed about 250 feet ahead the body of a man lying between the tracks with the head on one rail. The train was running about twenty miles an hour and down grade, said Worley, and for that reason it was impossible to avoid striking the body.

Dallas Morning News, Dallas, TX 29 Oct 1912