Knox City, TX Fire, Nov 1912

First National Bank, Knox City, abt 1909-1910

Knox City Fire Loss More Than $40,000

Special To The News.

Know City, Tex., Nov. 1.-The most disastrous fire in the history of Knox City occurred about midnight last night when F.E. Adams & Co., the First National bank and three frame buildings were entirely consumed, with contents. The fire started in a frame building on the north side, where oil was stored by the local manager of the Pierce-Fordyce Company, and rapidly spread south to the small frame buildings occupied by F.E. Adams & Co., thence to the concrete two-story building occupied by the First National Bank below, and by the telephone exchange and law offices of Judge E.B. Warren above. The following are the losses: Stock of Adams & Co., about $25,000, insurance $14,000; First National Bank, building and fixtures, about $8,000, insurance $4,500; building of brick occupied by A.E. Adams & Co., and owned by Benedict Bros., worth about $7,500, insurance $3,000; frame building owned by J.P. Henderson, H.E. Rosser and Mrs. John Redick, total loss and no insurance; office furniture and books of Judge Warren, $1,000.

Dallas Morning News, Dallas, TX 2 Nov 1912