Brownwood, TX Jackson Hotel Fire, Sept 1909


Loss Is Estimated at $25,000 - Building and Contents Destroyed.


Brownwood, Tex., Sept. 8. - At 5 o'clock this morning fire destroyed the Jackson Hotel, together with its contents, causing a loss of about $25,000. At 2 o'clock a fire was discovered in the kitchen of the hotel, was quickly put out, or supposed to be, but two hours later a second alarm was turned in and the whole building was in flames and the building was soon a mass of ruins. The north and west walls fell in. Insurance to the amount of $7,500 was carried on the building and furniture. The building was owned by W. T. Jackson of Greenville, Tex., and it has not been learned whether he will rebuild. Concrete blocks were used in the construction of the building and the water was thrown on them while hot. They crumbled and fell to the ground.

The Dallas Morning News, Dallas, TX 9 Sept 1909


Pull Down Walls.


Brownwood, Tex., Sept. 9. - The first thing the City Council did yesterday morning was to condemn the walls remaining standing to the Jackson Hotel, which was destroyed by fire. Part of the walls fell during the fire and the portion remaining was considered dangerous. The building was three stories and built of concrete blocks. All the woodwork was burned from the inside, so the walls had no support and were easily pulled down. At the time of the fire there were but fourteen guests in the hotel and all escaped, only a few losing a part of their belongings.

The Dallas Morning News, Dallas, TX 10 Sept 1909