Ballinger, TX house fire, Jun 1925

Boy Dies in Blaze

Father Vainly Tries Rescue

John Simmons' Son Burns to Death Near Ballinger

Special to THE NEWS.

BALLINGER, Texas, June 8. - Fowler, the 8-year-old son of John Simmons, residing six miles west of Ballinger, burned to death when fire destroyed the Simmons home Sunday afternoon.

Mr. Simmons was reading on his front porch when the fire began and did not notice the house was on fire until the high wind whipped the blaze around the front of the house. His son, who was playing around his father's feet a few minutes before, had gone to his room to take a nap, but, from the position of the body, evidently was making an effort to get out of the burning building when he was overcome.

His father said he heard him call two or three times as he was attempting to push the door in and effect a rescue.

The door had become locked or a heavy timber had fallen against the exit to prevent it being opened wider than six inches, and as Mr. Simmons was trying to get in the door he was struck in the face by the blaze, causing serious burns on his face, hands and arms.

The Ballinger fire company answered the call, but the fire had practically destroyed the home before the alarm was turned in. The fire is thought to have been caused by an oil stove explosion. Other children of Mr. Simmons, a widower, were at church when the fire occurred.

The Dallas Morning News, Dallas, TX 9 Jun 1925