Weatherford, TX Fire, Jul 1909

Fire Damage at Weatherford.

Special to The News.

Weatherford, Tex., July 22.---What came near being a disastrous fire broke out this morning at 2 o'clock in the second-hand store of I. L. Riptoe on lower York avenue. The fire damaged the building occupied by Mrs. Ida Drechsell as a grocery store immediately adjoining on the north. Owing to the good work done by the fire department the fire was confined to these buildings. J. W. Riptoe was owner of the building burned,. value $3,700, insurance $2,000; I. L. Riptoes, value of stock in building $3,750, insurance $2,000; Mrs. Ida Drechsell, damage on building not estimated, insurance $1,000 on same. Her stock of groceries and household goods damaged by fire and water, with no insurance. Origin of fire unknown.

Dallas Morning News, Dallas, TX 23 Jul 1909