Homer, TX Angelina County Courthouse Fire, Nov 1891


HOMER, Tex., Nov. 19. - The courthouse of Angelina county was burned yesterday morning at 8 o'clock. The most important records of all the offices were saved.

The Dallas Morning News, Dallas, TX, 20 Nov 1891



Many Records Destroyed - Fortunate Rescue of a Prisoner.

HOMER, Tex., Nov. 21. - In the courthouse fire here all the safes proved inefficient except the treasurer's, and some of the books and money in it were scorched. The contents of the other safes were removed while the building was burning. The jail was in the courthouse, and it was floored, walled, and ceiled with two-inch postoak lumber. Two prisoners were in it. One was loose, and the other had a heavy chain riveted around his ankle and the other end attached to a large staple driven through the two-inch postoak floor. The loose prisoner got hold of the chain, and by almost superhuman effort succeeded in breaking the ring that connected the chain with the staple. If that had not been done the prisoner, a negro, would undoubtedly have perished before he could have been freed, although the jailer was there as quick as his legs could carry him. The justice of the peace lives in the country. His office was in the courthouse near where the fire broke out. The office was broken into and the two latest records were saved, but all the old records and papers were destroyed. The assessor's office was in the same room, and nearest to where the fire broke out. Everything belonging to this office was lost.

The Dallas Morning News, Dallas, TX, 22 Nov 1891