Pittsburg, TX Fire, Jan 1892

Pittsburg, Texas Downtown 1911, photo from familyoldphotos.com


Ten Buildings and Stocks.

PITTSBURG, Tex., Jan. 27.---The most disastrous fire Pittsburg ever witnessed broke out in the rear end of Newson & Dickson's grocery store about 6 o'clock this morning and did not stop until ten business houses on the north side were in ashes, including the large brick building of D. H. Abernathy, which was occupied by Newson & Dickson and Hopson & Abernathy. The origin of the fire is unknown. It is thought by some to have been the work of an incendiary, while others hold the opinion that a rat and a match started the fire.

The entire south side of the street, on which was the rest of the business houses, was despaired of several times, but through heroic efforts it was saved. As nearly as can be learned the losses are as follows:

Hopson & Abernathy, loss on building, $8000, insurance $5000; loss on stock $15,000, insurance about $8000.

R. F. Lewis, loss on stock and house $3000, insurance $1400.

Tapp Bros., stock and house $25,000, insurance light.

Newson & Dickson, loss $6000 on stock, insurance $4000.

J. E. Robinson, house $5000, no insurance.

G. W. Davis, stock $9000, insurance $5000.

Three or four frame buildings belonging to W. H. Pitts $1000, no insurance.

Mrs. Tennessee Proctor, loss $2000.

The buildings across the street caught fire several times and the doors and awnings were charred and burned considerably. had the fire crossed the street every business house in Pittsburg would have burned except half a dozen. The total loss is about $40,000, insurance about $20,000.

Dallas Morning News, Dallas, TX 28 Jan 1892