Whitewright, TX Fire In Business District, June 1911

Ruins Of Whitewright



Whitewright, Tex., June 12. -- After the biggest fire this town has ever experienced, wire service to outside points was restored about midnight. Forty-three business houses were destryoed, twenty-seven residences were consumed and many others damaged as the result of a blaze that started today from a burning trash pile in the rear of a store. Numerous barns and some warehouses were destroyed. The flames were fanned by a steady wind.
Total losses and insurance figures could not be given tonight, but the damage is probably $300,000 to $325,000.

Sherman, Tex., June 12. -- Whitewright, Grayson county, a town of about 2,000, at the intersection of the Katy and Cotton Belt Railways, eighteen miles from Sherman, suffered the most severe fire loss in its history this afternoon.
All wires into the place were down tonight at a late hour. A Sherman newspaper man made a trip in an automobile to Whitewright late today and returned here tonight with some of the details.
A detail of the Denison fire department went to the aid of the stricken town and a steamer from the Sherman department was on a car in readiness when a message came that the blaze was under control.

List Of Business Houses Burned.
Business houses destroyed are as follows:
Planters Bank.
J. H. TRUETT, furniture.
J. W. ASHLEY, dry goods.
EVERHART confectionery.
BRADFORD'S nickel store.
GLIDWELL'S jewelry store.
SIMMONS Bros., barber shop.
FRANK SMITH'S barber shop.
RANDLE'S tailor shop.
HOPKINS' nickel store.
BAIN Bros., confectionery.
W. B. HASTINGS, grocery.
J. L. SMITH, grocery.
May Hotel.
BLINCO, tailor shop.
JOHN NASH, shoe shop.
Whitewright Grain Company.
D. B. DANE, blacksmith.
T. O. O. F. hall.
CAMERON & Son, gent's furnishings.
J. W. DAVIDSON, grocery.
JACK PIERCE, restaurant.
SADDLER'S barber shop.
KIRKPATRICK drug store.
MAGUM Bros, grocery.
J. F. DIXON, furniture.
J. T. SMITH, grocer.
DYER & JONES, drugs.
W. M. COX, grocery and hardware.
STEINHEN & LIVELY, dry goods.
J. F. LILLEY, dry goods.
Fire Station.
City Hall.
WALLACE'S blacksmith shop.
Southwestern Telegraph and Telephone Company's office.
First Natinal Bank.

Seventy-Five Residences Burned And Damaged.
There is one furniture store, one grocery, one hardware store and one hotel left.
There are at least seventy-five residences either totally destroyed or badly damaged.
T. H. LIVELY, of the firm of STEINHEN & LIVELY, in the rear of whose place the fire started in a trash pile was badly burned and bruised by falling walls and his condition is quite serious.
A boy whose name could not be learned had his arm broken.
It is impossible in the chaos to get details, but the loss will reach at least $300,000 it is estimated.
The Whitewright fire equipment was totally inadequate to cope with the fire.

The Evening News Ada Oklahoma 1911-06-13