Dallas, TX Fatal House Fire, Jul 1946

Blind Woman Perishes As Fire Razes House

A blind woman who was attempting to cook her own food burned to death Friday in a fire which destroyed a frame house divided into nine apartments at 1213 Sullivan Drive.

The victim, Mrs. Gaspard Crawford, apparently was trying to cook over a gas stove in a small alcove when her clothing or the wallpaper caught fire, F. W. Tuthill, owner of the one-story building, said. Tuthill made the identification.

Occupants of the house said Mrs. Crawford had been staying alone for several days while her husband was out of town, and that she burned her arm severely a few days ago while cooking.

Several persons narrowly escaped injury in the blaze. Mrs. Elenita Mitchell, 19, was rescued from a hall after she had been overcome by smoke. Mrs. W. H. McAfee, who was ironing in the front apartment when her husband yelled the alarm, spotted the prone body of the young woman, and carried Mrs. Mitchell to the front porch.

Mr. and Mrs. James Shguit, also occupants of the house, were away and got home just in time to see the house burn.

Tuthill estimated damage at $12,000. A sheet metal roof on the apartment prevented sparks from endangering neighboring houses. Battalion Fire Chief Frank Wilson said.

The dead woman was taken to the Oneal Funeral Home to await funeral arrangements.

Dallas Morning News, Dallas, TX 30 Jul 1946