Plano, TX Newspaper Plant Fire, Jan 1911


Plano Star-Courier Destroyed by Fire. Damage Estimated at $4,300.

Special To The News.

Plano, Tex., Jan. 4---Fire at 2 o'clock this morning destroyed the Plano Star-Courier plant valued at $3,300, and insured at $2,300 in the Fireman's Fund of San Francisco and Austin Fire Insurance Company of Dallas. Dr. H. M. Beatry, owner of the one-story brick building, was damaged about $1,000, fully covered by insurance in the Austin Fire Insurance Company. L. Floyd harness and buggies, next door to the Star-Courier plant, was damaged by water and smoke, $200, covered by insurance in the Southern Underwriters of San Antonio. The fire originated between roof and ceiling, and supposed to have caught from a defective flue.

Ernest Logaden, publisher and proprietor of the Star-Courier, says he will re-established the plant, and will be able to get out his paper next week.

Dallas Morning News, Dallas, TX 5 Jan 1911