Henderson, TX Oilfield Fire, Mar 1933

Blast Starts Fire In East Texas Field

HENDERSON, Texas, March 13 (AP)---A dynamite blast which broke the East Texas pipe line a mile southeast of London early Sunday caused the loss of about 15,000 barrels of crude oil and in an ensuing fire, several derricks and a highway bridge were damaged badly.

The oil flowed for four hours from the ruptured pipe line before repairs could be made, draining into a creek, where it ignited. Several main pipe lines of major oil companies crossing the creek also were damaged by the burning oil.

The Beacon Refining Company's pump station at Turnertown was destroyed Sunday by fire. Oil escaping from a broken pump caused the fire. The loss, estimated at $4,000, was covered with insurance.

Dallas Morning News, Dallas, TX 14 Mar 1933