Rocksprings, TX Tornado, Apr 1927 - 150 Injured; Town Demolished

Rocksprings, TX Tornado 1927 showing courthouse and jail - center back Rocksprings, TX Tornado 1927 Rocksprings, TX Tornado 1927 txrocksprings-tornado1927-2.psd_ txrocksprings-tornado1927-1r txrocksprings-tornado1927-4r

Tornado Lasts Five Minutes; 150 Injured As Town Demolished

ROCKSPRINGS, Texas, April 13 (AP) - This quiet mountain town, pulverized Tuesday night by a tornado, had the appearance Wednesday of a battle-ruined village, as United States cavalrymen succored the homeless, an emergency army hospital tended the wounded and dying, a field kitchen fed the remainder of the population and an airplane ambulance dashed back and forth between here and San Antonio, carrying wounded.

In a furious moment, the wind came out of the south at 7:50 o'clock Tuesday night, wiping the town from its defenseless position at the top of Edwards plateau in far West Texas, and within five minutes had taken the lives of fifty-six persons and injured 150 others, a number of whom are fatally hurt.

Scurrying on, the same angry wind, or some of its cohorts, bobbed about Texas, striking at no less than eight widely separated points, killing one, injuring about fifteen persons and doing an unestimated amount of damage.

DON GRIFFITH, 15, who suffered broken bones was rushed to San Antonio in an airplane by Kelly Field pilots and narrowly averted collision with student planes taking off.

Like War Torn Village.
The desolation left by the storms' artillery, the uprooted trees and piles of debris, and the accouterments of war brought here by the army on its mission of peace, enhanced the illusion of a war torn village.

The cavalrymen came from Camp Clark, sixty miles from Rock Springs, by automobile and horse and the airplanes came from Kelly Field at San Antonio, 145 miles west. Doctors, army surgeons, Red Cross nurses, litters, were at the scene long before the extent of the catastrophe was known, and volunteers were pouring in from all directions.




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