Gainesville, TX Auto Wreck, Mar 1931

Three Narrowly Escape as Auto Hangs to Bridge

Special to The News.
Gainesville, Texas, March 1.-Mrs. W.J. Shelton, H.L. Martin and W.T. Hardy, all said to reside in Dallas, narrowly escaped death by drowning in the Red River, six miles north of here, Sunday afternoon when the automobile driven by Mrs. Shelton skidded through the side railing near the middle span of the toll bridge and hung precariously suspended, held only by a steel upright of the bridge, twenty feet above swirling waters of the stream.

According to W.T. Hardy, the party left Dallas Sunday morning and went to Healdton, Ok., to inspect some property said to be for sale. They were returning to Dallas. Mrs. Shelton approach of another car from an opposite direction on the bridge, applied the brakes suddenly, her machine toppling halfway over the edge. She sustained a deep laceration on her forehead and severe bruises. Mr. Martin’s right hip is probably dislocated, while Mr. Hardy was bruised on his chest and both legs. An ambulance brought them to the sanitarium here.

Dallas Morning News, Dallas, TX 2 Mar 1931