Brownwood, TX Delaware Station Train Wreck, Jan 1907

Frisco Train Ditched And Score Persons Injured.

Brownwood, Texas, Jan. 20.-The “Record Train” on the Frisco railroad was derailed ten miles north of Brownwood today which running 30 miles an hour. The coaches went into the ditch, except the Pullman sleeper. The cars turned completely over, injuring a score of passengers, some of whom may be seriously hurt. Spreading rails is said to have caused the wreck.

Macon Daily Telegraph, Macon, GA 21 Jan 1907


Nearly Score Hurt

Bad Wreck Occurs Near Brownwood, Coaches Going In The Ditch.

Spreading Track Blamed

Engine Passes Over in Safety and Pullmans Remain Unhurt, Balance of Train Wrecked.

Special To The News.
Brownwood, Tex., Jan. 20.-A bad wreck occurred at 7:15 this morning when a train on the Frisco went in the ditch ten miles north of Brownwood and four miles south of the first station, Delaware. The train was, making good time and said to be running at thirty miles an hour when the track spread and all the coaches went in the ditch except the Pullman. The embankment where the wreck occurred was not high, but the cars turned completely over, injuring almost a score of passengers, some of whom may be fatally injured. The engine passed over the spread track and escaped, but the cars all left the track, turned over and tolled down the embankment with the exception of the sleeper. No one in the sleeper was hurt.

N.M. Fogle, a traveling man out of Fort Worth, was perhaps the most seriously injured. He was wounded on the back of the head, internally and face badly scratched. He was placed on a cot and brought here with the others. The wound in the back of his head required ten stitches. Others injured are:

The little baby of Mrs. J. M. Crammey, top of head crushed; Mrs. Crammey, badly bruised; Mrs. M.J. Grisom of Texarkana, chest crushed, back injured and head bruised; Mrs. Annie Grisom, wound on head and back; Amos Grisom, chin cut and hand smashed; Mrs. M.S. Middlemiss of Brady, injured internally and ankle badly sprained; Mrs. Dora Bobo of San Angelo, injured on head; Minnie Foster, a negro woman from Tolar, injured on head and back; Manuel Hopkins, colored, injured on head and back; Mr. Brin of Comanche, hurt on head and hand; Charles Strange of Bangs, wounded on back of head and hand crushed.

Judge G.H. Goodson of Comanche was also in the wreck, and though his injuries apparently amounted to nothing, when he reached the hotel here he was taken suddenly ill and two physicians worked with him. It is thought he is hurt internally.

The northbound train, which leaves here at 6:45, was waiting at Delaware, and when notified of the wreck went to its relief, bringing all the passengers here, where surgeons and help were ready to do all that could be done for the injured.

Dallas Morning News, Dallas, TX 21 Jan 1907