Bruceville, TX Train Derailment, Aug 1935

The Ruins of the Accident Cleaning up the Wreckage



Waco, Aug. 1 (UP) -- The flaming wreckage of 12 Missouri-Kansas-Texas freight cars, which were derailed near Bruceville last night, today prevented wrecking crews from determining how many persons lost their lives in the wreck.
It was known, however, that at least five, and perhaps as many as eight or 10 transients, who were riding of top of the cars, were killed.
By this morning, the body of only one person, an unidentified negro, had been removed from the wreck.
Eight others were taken to hospitals at Waco and Temple. They were MORRIS KILLOUGH, 14, Hubbard, Tex., suffering a severely crushed face and burns; DEMPSEY AVIRETT, 16, Hubbard, severe lacerations; GRAHAM MARSHALL, 19, Ross, Tex, negro, severe injuries; T. B. SMITH, address unknown; WAYMAN ERWIN, 26, address unknown, severe injuries; RUBE JACOBS, Waco, Tex., negro, broken neck; BUFORD ARNOLD, Abilene, negro, fractured skull; and an unidentified negro who was still unconscious this morning.
DALE MAEDGEN of Bruceville, Tex., who was one of the first to arrive at the scene of the wreck, said he heard cries coming from one of the wrecked box cars and he thought at least two persons perished in the car.
The cars which left the track were in the middle of a 76-car train. A hot box was blamed.
Immediately following the accident, the wreckage burst into flames as tank cars filled with oil exploded.
Railroad workers said it was doubtful if anyone would ever known just how many people perished.
Youths from a CCC camp at Troy, nearby, said they heard men screaming when they reached the scene of the tragedy. They were unable to see the men, they said, and after a while the screaming ceased.

Port Arthur News Texas 1935-08-01