Pampa, TX Cellar Explosion, Nov 1934

Two Are Killed As Gas Explodes In Pampa Cellar

Auto Bearing Survivors to Hospital Collides With Another Machine

PAMPA, Texas, Nov. 19 (AP.) - A violent explosion, caused by the lighting of a match in a gas-filled cellar, resulted Monday in the death of two members of a family and the injury of four others.

Burns brought death to Mrs. J. C. Cross, 26, and to her daughter Mary La Verne, 2.

Injured in the blast were J. C. Cross, J. P. Cross, J. M. Cross and Miss Daisy Cross. The condition of J. C. Cross, husband of the dead woman and child, is serious.

The blast occurred when the Cross family trooped down into the cellar to get some fruit. As they reached the foot of the stairs, some one lighted a match. Accumulated gas in the cellar ignited explosively and all but the baby daughter were blown out of the cellar.

J. C. Cross rushed back through the flames, despite his injuries, and carried the baby girl outside the building. Then he loaded the family in a car and started for Pampa. En route there was a collision with another car and, although no injuries occurred in the wreck, both cars were damaged. When they finally reached a Pampa hospital, J. C. Cross became unconscious.

The cellar where the explosion occurred is on the Sinclair-Prairie Leycomb lease south of Pampa. Officials of the Sinclair-Prairie Company said there were no gas connections in the cellar and no pipe lines near by.

The Dallas Morning News, Dallas, TX 20 Nov 1934


Third Victim Of Cellar Explosion Dies of Wounds

PAMPA, (AP) - J. C. Cross, 27, died Tuesday as the result of burns received in a cellar explosion Monday in which his wife and a daughter were killed.

Three other victims have a chance to recover.

The Big Spring Daily Herald, Big Spring, TX 20 Nov 1934