Guelph, ON Train Wreck, Feb 1907


Three Persons Killed and Many Hurt in an Ontario Wreck.

GUELPH, Ont., Feb. 26.---The westbound Chicago express on the Grand Trunk Railroad was wrecked near here to-day. John O'Donohue, ex-Mayor of Stratford, Ont., Charles Rankin of Stratford, and the two-year-old of H. C. Walker, Peterboro, Ont., were killed. Many of the passengers were seriously injured.

The train was running at a rate of forty miles an hour when the accident occurred. The engine kept on the rails, but every car jumped the track, plunging down a thirty-foot embankment, rolling over and over and piling up in a swamp. The work of releasing the imprisoned passengers was slow and tedious, and it was late this afternoon before they reached the hospital here.

The New York Times, New York, NY 27 Feb 1907