Salt Lake, UT storm, Oct 1906


$200,000 Damage in Salt Lake and Ogden - Man Killed - Hotel Unroofed.

SALT LAKE, Utah, Oct. 21. - For the last twenty-four hours this region has been swept by a windstorm of unparalleled severity. In addition to three serious accidents to persons, property over a wide area has been devastated. Fire, fanned by the wind, obliterated the new $100,000 plant of the Utah Packing Company. Trains have arrived irregularly or not at all. Street cars and the electric lighting plants were put out of commission for several hours.

Ruined buildings, fallen chimneys, broken windows, loosened signs, and toppled trees are common marks of the storm, and involve a loss of $100,000. The wind attained a maximum velocity of fifty-two miles an hour. For several hours the average was thirty-eight miles an hour. The local Weather Bureau says the storm was local, with little effect north of Ogden or south of Provo, Utah.

Capt. Cahoon and Driver Gulbranson of the Fire Department were caught under a falling tree while driving to a fire. Cahoon had both legs broken and Gulbranson was injured internally.

A beautiful mosaic window which cost $3,000 was demolished in the new Presbyterian Church. The Grand, a Chinese restaurant, was demolished. The Belmont Hotel was unroofed. A freight car of a Short Line train was lifted bodily from the tracks.

The only mail received to-day was from Los Ageles, over the San Pedro, Los Angeles & Salt Lake Railroad.

The only telegraph wires available tonight are two to Denver along the Rio Grande Western and one to Los Angeles. Last night the city was dependent upon a single wire to Denver for outside communication.

The wind to-night is blowing with greatly diminished violence.

The New York Times, New York, NY 22 Oct 1906