Salt Lake City, UT (near) Private Plane Crash, Dec 1958


Salt Lake City, Dec. 1. (UPI) -- The twisted wreckage of a light airplane which carried four members of a Salt Lake family to death was found early yesterday about 14 hours after a search for the missing aircraft had started.
The wreckage was spotted by ALVA TIPPETTS, a Salt Lake county farmer, near the Salt Lake - Davis county line.
Killed in the crash were THERON C. TEEL, 53; his wife, LYNN WOOD TEEL, 50; their daughter, ELIZABETH ANN TEEL, 18, and a son, RICHARD TEEL, aged 12.
The family had taken a pleasure trip to Elko, Nev., early Saturday afternoon and was returning to Salt Lake City when the crash occurred.
HARLON BEMENT, Utah aeronautics director, estimated that the plane crashed about 6:25 p.m. Saturday. BEMENT said the aircraft was apparently in the landing pattern to land when it went into a tight spiral.
The bodies were scattered ahead of the plane from 22 to 116 feet.
The airplane, a four-place Piper Comanche, took off from Elko at 4:50 p.m. Nothing further was heard from it. When TEEL failed to close out his flight plan an alert notice was sent out. Airports were checked during the night and about 14 aircraft began searching early Sunday morning. BEMENT said ground fog and haze prevented spotting the wreckage earlier.
An investigation was being continued today to determine cause of the crash.

Nevada State Journal Reno 1958-12-02