Knight, UT Plane Crashes in Mountains, Oct 1937

1937 - 17 October, United Airlines Douglas "Mainliner" Crashes in Mountains,
Killing 19.... The airliner carried sixteen passengers and a crew of three
which, besides pilot [E.D.] Woodgerd, included copilot John Adams of Denver and
hostess Leah Derr of Salt Lake City....

Passengers lost in the United Air Lines disaster included William Pitt,
editor of the Pathe News, Inc., and veteran Pathe cameraman James Pergola;
Charles S. Jamison, Denver, head of Jamison Produce Company;  D. A.
McMillan, Murray, Utah, bank president; Louis Cleaver, Portland, Oregon, United
Airlines copilot, not on duty; Natalie Campbell Prichett, formerly with the
editorial staff of the Washington Post; William Pischel, Salt Lake City,
attorney; and William James Hart, engineer with Westinghouse......

Among the dead was Edward T. Ford, a Standard Oil Company official and son of
Edward Ford, President of Grace Lines Steamship Company.  Also listed as
dead was Paul Hare of San Francisco, a member of the Jimmy Dorsey Orchestra. 
Another victim was A. L. Markwell, a diamond broker of Los Angeles, who earlier
pursued a distinguished career and owned one of the first twin-engine airplanes
in the West.

Disaster in the Air By Edgar A. Haine, Published by Associated University
Presses, 2000
Book Preview at Google Books

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