Wellington, UT Snow Slide, Apr 1872

From Utah.

Heavy Snow--Damage by Slides.

SALT LAKE, April 13--The snow avalanches at Little Cottonwood, Thursday and yesterday, are described as the most fearful ever known in that region. A slide at the Wellington mine came from a height of two thousand feet, carrying away and burying the entire day force of Wellington workmen. All were finally dug out alive, except H. H. Murray, foreman of the mine, who was smothered to death. His body will be brought here to-day. In another slide seven men were caught, but all were rescued. Two men at the Davenport mine were buried in their cabins, but got out little hurt. Other slides are anticipated.

Murray was from Rhode Island, thirty-seven years.

During the storm the last few days snow fell six feet on a level.

Cincinnati Daily Gazette, Cincinnati, OH 15 Apr 1872