Devil's Slide, UT Construction Accident, Apr 1960


Devil's Slide, Utah -- A Sunset man plunged 150 feet to his death early today when he lost his balance on top of a towering cement storage silo at the Ideal Cement Co., plant here.
ELDEN MONTGOMERY, 32, of 719 Fairhaven Dr., in Sunset, was killed instantly, Morgan County Sheriff Porter Carter said.
The victim was a member of an electrical crew working on subcontract to Gibbons and Reed, of Ogden, contractors for the big storage silos.
Sheriff Carter said the accident happened as MR. MONTGOMERY and three other men were being hoisted up the outside of the silo on an elevator.

Switch Jams.
In some way the electric switch controlling the elevator jammed and the car did not stop when it was supposed to at the top of the silo.
The men feared the car would wrench loose from its cables and they all jumped for the landing platform.
Dwayne Rex, 2219 W. 51 S. in Roy; Grant Marby of Bountiful and Buddy Gilson, 3772 Wall, Ogden, made successful leaps.
MR. MONTGOMERY jumped for safety but struck the platform railing and lost his balance. As he began to fall the other men grabbed for him but could not catch him.
The victim struck two of the planks supporting the elevator in his plunge to the ground.
The straining elevator cables of the electric motor anchored on a concrete pillar on the ground pulled the pillar over. The eight-ton concrete block fell on the body of the victim.
A crane was called into service to lift the block from MR. MONTGOMERY'S body.
Mr. Rex was foreman of the electrical crew, Mr. Marby was job foreman and Mr. Gilson was an electrician.
MR. MONTGOMERY was married and the father of four children, Shawna, 8; Elden, Jr., 6; Martin Kay, 5; and Sharon Ann, 3.

Ogden Standard Examiner Utah 1960-04-19