Ogden, UT Garage Collapses, June 1914



Ogden, June 8. -- Two men were killed and four others were injured, three seriously, at 10:25 this morning in the collapse of the upper story of a garage under construction at the residence of the late David Eccles, corner Jefferson and Twenty-Sixth Streets. The dead are L. C. BELL and WILLIAM H. WOOD and the injured are, GEORGE WRIGHT, WELDON CHAMPNEYS, ANDREW SANDELL and JACK SEAMAR. The latter suffered a broken ankle. Just how badly the other three are injured has not been determined, though all are reported in a serious condition.
The six men with a number of others were at work on the garage when the accident happened. The building, a structure of two stories, is of cement and brick and was nearing completion. The ceiling of the upper story was of concrete and it was in the removing of the forms in which the concrete had been set that the collapse came. Work had been delayed on the building for the past week, owing to the lack of bricks. This morning operations were renewed and the workmen were engaging in removing forms in which the concrete had been solidifying for eleven days, a time regarded as fully ample to make the concrete safe and sure. As one of the timbers in the form was removed the heavy ceiling came down, pulling with it the walls of the upper story. The two men killed and the four injured were caught in the debris. Others of the workmen had narrow escapes.
Heroic efforts were at once begun to rescue the unfortunate men, whose muffled cries for help could be heard. A call was sent to police headquarters and to the fire department, and within a few minutes, the debris had been lifted enough to draw the bodies out. Indications seemed to show that BELL had smothered to death. No bones were broken and he was not badly bruised, while the color of his face suggested suffocation. WOOD, on the other hand, was badly crushed. BELLS body was taken to the Larkin morgue and that of WOOD to the Lindquist establishment.
CHAMPNEYS was caught under a joint in a crumpled position and according to the rescuers his cries for help were pitiful to hear. It was said that he is perhaps the most badly hurt of the four. It being feared that in addition to internal injuries his spine is affected and his skull fractured. All of the injured were rushed to the Dee Hospital.
BELL is survived by a widow. He was but recently married. WOOD is survived by a widow and three children. He was 45 years of age and had lived in Ogden for about fifteen years. He was well known in building circles especially.
The garage was being erected by the Dinwiddie Construction Company. Manager William A. Larkin said after the accident that the rains of the past week were probably largely responsible for the collapse of the ceiling and walls.

Logan Republican Utah 1914-06-11