Indian Rocks, UT (area) Fighter Jets Collide, July 1956


Indian Rocks, Utah -- Two F-86 jet fighters collided at 35,000 feet over the Utah-Nevada border yesterday afternoon, causing one to crash into an almost inaccessible rugged mountain area 165 miles south of Wendover, Utah, Air Force Base. The second aircraft landed safely at the Utah installation without injury to its pilot although a large section of its tail assembly was missing.
The pilot of the crashed plane was Maj. MANUEL A. PIDCOCK, commander of the 429th fighter bomber squadron, who was flying as part of a three-plane flight from Clovis, N. M., Air Force Base to Wendover to take part in a Ninth Air Force gunnery meet.
Wreckage of the plane and PIDCOCK'S body were located this morning. An Air Force spokesman said the terrain in the crash area was so rough a helicopter carrying rescue crewmen had to land half a mile from the crash site and hike the remainder of the way.
Air Force spokesman said the second plane in formation collided with the lead plane, piloted by Brig-Gen. WILLIAM W. MOMEYER, Clovis Base commander, who made a safe landing.

Albuquerque Tribune New Mexico 1956-07-28


Major Pidcock

Maj. MANUEL A. PIDCOCK was born in Sparks Oklahoma (Lincoln county).
his parents were Que and Essie Pidcock. He was laid to rest in Chandler Ok.