Salt Lake City, UT Automobile And Traction Bus Collision, Mar 1944



Salt Lake City -- At least 10 persons were injured when an automobile and a Sugarhouse bus of the Utah Light and Traction company collided at Fourth South and Tenth East Streets Monday at 4 p.m. Most of the injuries were reported as slight and none was considered dangerous.
The injured were:
MISS VERA ASKERLUND, 14, 547 McClelland Street, fracture of right upper arm.
MISS COLLEEN CHYTRAUS, 12, 1920 Blaine Avenue, deep bruises on left thigh and forearm.
MISS BEVERLY ESKELSEN, 14, 561 McClelland Street, deep bruises of right hip.
MRS. MONA ROBINSON, 32, 1520 Seventh East Street, wrenched back and nose bruises.
GEORGE W. SCHUMACHER, 22, bus driver, 931 First South Street, head injuries.
G. A. PARKIN, 160 Vidas Avenue, bruises.
MRS. J. R. OSBORN, 1130 Princeton Avenue, bruises.
BRUCE M. ISENBURG, 19, 1227 East Third South Street, driver of the automobile, bruises.
Another woman and a boy left the scene of the accident and could not be found by the police, but were said to be injured.
MR. SCHUMACHER was knocked unconscious with the first impact of the collision, and the bus, out of control, ran across the curb of Tenth East Street and up on to grass at the northeast corner of the intersection. It missed hitting a light pole and rolled back down to the street.
Most of the passengers received their injuries from being thrown about in the bus.
The most seriously injured were treated at police emergency hospital and sent to their doctors for further examination.
The bus driver was still unconscious when Radio Patrolmen J. C. McGarry and R. C. Bendixsen arrived at the scene. Some of the injured passengers already had left and were identified latere by police.
The two 14-year-old girls, VERA ASKERLUND and BEVERLY ESKELSEN, the first with a broken arm, walked to their homes from the accident.
The front part of the automobile was wrecked and the bus badly damaged by the impact of the collision.
Each driver said he did not see the other in time to stop, police said.

Salt Lake Tribune Utah 1944-03-21