Pine View, UT Young Boy Drowns, Sep 1926

Son of JAMES DOON Drowned.

Tot Falls Into Power Dam at Pine View In Canyon.

JAMES RUSSELL DOON, 3-year-old son of C. JAMES and RUBY FRODSHAM DOON, was drowned Monday at noon in the power reservoir at Pine View in Ogden canyon.
The child was seen eating an ice cream cone at about 12 o'clock. His mother missed him about 1 o'clock and a search in the vicinity of the DOON summer cottage, which is situated alongside the water, was begun.
M. E. WILCOX, who operates a refreshment stand in the grove, saw the body floating in the water and he and ROBERT DIXON rescued it.
The fire department lungmotor squad immediately responded to the call and worked at resuscitation for an hour and one-half, but all signs of life were gone. DR. E. H. SMITH said the child had been dead for some time.
The child was born in Ogden on May 27, 1923, and was the only child of the family. Surviving are his parents, his grandfather, I. P. FRODSHAM of Ogden and a grandmother, MRS. JAMES DOON, now visiting in Pocatello. The body is at the Kirkendall mortuary.

The Ogden Standard-Examiner Utah 1926-09-07