Brigham, UT, Copper Mine Explosion, Jan 1928

From The Salt Lake Tribune, Salt Lake City, UT, USA, Tue, 3 Jan 1928, page 9, col 6: ?


Tony Hamilton Severely Hurt, William Carter Slightly; Missed Hole.

Special to The Tribune.

BINGHAM, Jan. 2. — Tony HAMBLIN, 35, was probably fatally injured, and William CARTER suffered painful, but not necessarily fatal, Injuries by a blast in the west drift of the Ohio copper mine at 6:30 this evening.

HAMBLIN suffered a compound fracture of both legs and his right arm and also lost his right eye. Physicians say he has only a slight chance for recovery.

Particles of rock and ore were blown into CARTER’s face and one piece was embedded in his chest. The particles were removed and It is said that CARTER will recover.

HAMBLIN is an unmarried man and his parents reside at American Fork. CARTER has a wife and one child.

The two men are of the opinion that they encountered dynamite which had been left in the mine, but experienced miners express tho opinion that they drilled into a missed hole.