Wendover, UT (46 miles east) Bus Crash And Burns, Nov 1945


Wendover, Utah (AP) - Six men were killed Sunday in the crash and burning of a Pacific Greyhound bus bound from San Francisco to Salt Lake City.
An estimated 27 persons were injured in the accident on highway U.S. 40-50, 46 miles east of Wendover at the edge of the dreary salt flats.
The dead were not immediately identified. Their bodies were burned badly by the flames which swept the bus after it skidded off the ice-sheathed highway and turned over on its top.
Driver ERNEST RENFRO of Elko, Nev., a 10-year veteran with the company, who suffered a back injury, said it was foggy at the time of the crash and the highway was extremely slippery.
He was driving at a normal speed, he said, when the bus began to skid when a left front tire blew out.
The bus at once caught on fire.
A partial list of injured included:
LORENZO FIORIMI, Quincy, Mass., fractured arm;
DEWEY A COTHRAN, Arkadelphia, Ark., shock;
ROBERT C. NEWPORT, Jacksonville, Ill., head bruise, shock.

Nebraska State Journal Lincoln 1945-11-19