Willard, UT Auto And Truck Crash, Sep 1957


Willard, Utah (AP) - The automobile-truck crash that killed five men yesterday left 11 children without fathers. Only the driver of the car was unmarried.
MYRON H. BRINKERHOFF, 42, is survived by his widow and three sons. REDGE LYLE JOHNSON, 35, is survived by his widow and five sons and daughters. KENNETH J. BROWNING, 29, is survived by his widow and three children, one a new born boy.
GLEN H. HANSEN, 23, is survived by his widow. She is expecting a child this fall.

Driver Bachelor.
The driver of the car was STANLEY BRINKERHOFF, 27, a bachelor. State Police said his driving record showed five speeding convictions and four previous accidents. There was a total of 13 entries.
The wreck between the car and a huge truck-trailer near Willard was the second accident in Utah this year in which five persons died.
The driver of one of the two cars involved in the other five-death accident, VERNON COLLINGSWORTH, goes on trial on a charge of involuntary manslaughter Sept. 16. His wife and 2-month-old son were among those killed in that accident, which occurred last April.
COLLINGSWORTH also faces trial Sept. 23 in Salt Lake City Court on charges of driving after his license had been revoked.
All five men were employees of a Salt Lake City electrical contractor and were working on a contract job for Utah Power and Light Co. in the Tremonton vicinity.
Trooper TeWayne Woodland said the men had not been to their Salt Lake City homes the night before the accident and were apparently traveling from the Ogden area to their jobs. It is not know exactly where they had been.
After a closer examination of the bodies in a Brigham City mortuary, Trooper Woodland said all of the men had suffered multiple bone fractures, head injuries and internal injuries.

Ogden Standard Examiner Utah 1957-09-07