Park City, UT Avalanche, Jan 1903

Avalanche Buries Eight Men in Utah

Large Force Making Desparate Efforts to rescue Them Alive.
(By Associated press)

SALT LAKE, Utah, Jan 28 - An avalanche tore the big shaft house of the Quincey mine, near Park City, to pieces today. Eight men working in the shaft house were buried in the ruin. A large force of men is working in an endeavor to rescue some of them alive.

Olympia Daily Recorder, Olympia, WA 28 Jan 1903



Three Lives Lost in Mine Slide in Utah.

Salt Lake City, Jan 28. - Near Park City today an avalanche toe thr big shaft house of the Quincey Mine to pieces. Eight men working in the shaft house were buried in the ruin.

Three men were dug out of the ruins dead. they are E. J. COTTER, J. G GAFFNEY and CHARLES FRANK. five others were rescued alive. All of them were badly injured but will recover..

Dallas Morning News, Dallas, TX 29 Jan 1903



Three Men Caught by the Avalanche and Killed While many Others Are badly Injured.

Great Drifts Sweep Over a Utah Mine and Imprison the people Before They Can Flee.

Salt Lake City, Utah, Jan 28. - A special to the Tribune from Park City, Utah, says:
A snow slide occurred here early this morning that killed three miners outright and injured several others. It swept down from the high mountain that overhangs Quincey shaft house, carrying the structure down th valley below and in its course wrought untold damages. Killed:
JOHN CAFFNEY [or GAFFNEY], engineer, single.
E. J. COLTER [or COTTER], station tender, married.
CHARLES D. FRINK [or FRANK], fireman, single

Injured Con Shay, foreman for the Quincey; George Burt; peter Burt; Mike Wynn, shaft boss; [illegible - Baces] Noble; David Coleman; Robert Giles, the latter seriously.

As soon as the alarm spread work in the locality was suspended and the work of rescuing the unfortunates was pushed energetically.

It is not thought that there are any more persons covered by the slide. It is feared, however, that more slides will take place soon, and excitement in the city is great.

The storm has quieted down somewhat but this evening it is expected the hurricane which began about dusk will undoubtedly bring more of the snow from the mountains. A light snow is falling at the present time.

Morning World-Herald, Omaha, NE 29 Jan 1903

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