Bagley, UT Train Wreck, Dec 1944

He was born Jan. 24, 1929, in Trenton, N. J. He had been attending school in Salt Lake City and lived there with his mother at 963 East Fifth South. He and his mother were en route to Berkeley, Calif., to join MR. SEAMAN, who is a civilian accountant working in the Oakland naval supply depot. The mother was injured in the wreck, but was taken on to San Francisco. The boy attended schools in Freehold, N. J., and was a member of the Episcopal church.

Survivors include his parents and one sister, LOIS MARIE SEAMAN, whose home is at 501 Fourth avenue, Salt Lake.

The sister came to the mortuary, 529 Twenty-fifth, to identify the body.

Casualty Lists of S. P. Wreck Still Incomplete
Weary railroad officials and army and navy authorities today continued to add to the still incomplete list of casualties in the tragic wreck of the Pacific Limited early yesterday, as grim rescue squads hacked and burned their way through the twisted scrap to find possible new victims.

A Southern Pacific representative said that most of the civilian dead were still unidentified early today, according to the United Press. Names of most of the military and naval dead were withheld pending notification of next of kind[sic].

The list of dead and wounded, gathered from various sources, follows:

Dead, civilian:
JAMES McDONALD, engineer of the second section, Ogden.
W. S. DUERDON, brakeman, Ogden.
LEROY PORTER, S. P. brakeman, his wife, MRS. MARGARET PORTER and their daughters, PEGGY, 14, and MARY, 8, all of Sparks, Nev.
MR. AND MRS. JACK FRANCIS, brother and sister-in-law of MRS. PORTER, Carlin, Nev., and Morgan, Utah.
PABLO FRONSECA, Stockton, Cal., and Rexburg, Ida.
LOUIS HAWKINS, S. P. waiter, Oakland, Cal.
HARRY MADDEN, S. P. cook, Oakland, Cal.
MELVIN JACKSON, S. P. waiter, Oakland, Cal.
A. E. P. ALBERT, 48, S. P. porter, San Francisco.
JOHN BOLKIUS, Grand Rapids, Mich.
Dead, Service Personnel
CM1/C GORDON N. ROLAND, Bayport, Minn.
S1/C GRANT F. SMITH, Barbourville, Ky.
STM 2/C JOSEPH J. ZERNLEY, Rt. 2, Long Prairie, Minn.
S1/C WILLIAM S. ROBBINS, 17 Locust, Westville, N. J.
Pvt. WALTER BERNSTEIN, 1506 4th Ave., Oakland, Cal.
Pvt. CECIL G. LUTTELL, 17 Clark St., San Rafael, Cal.
F1/C GEORGE S. SCOTT, 339 Howerton Ave., San Francisco, Cal.
Pvt. ROBERT E. WIELAND, Lakeview, Ia.
Cpl. ISRAEL RAND, 91 Central Park West, New York.
Sgt. ANTON P. DRUSKIS, 5306 S. 3rd St., Omaha, Neb.
Pvt. GLENN E. YOUMANS, Kinsett, Ia.

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Does anyone know if there is a list anywhere of all aboard when this happened? I am searching for a relative.


Just wanted to comment that I am one of the survivors of this train wreck. According to my parents, I was traveling with my mother and my grandmother on my dads side. I was two months old and in later years I was told of the train wreck. We were traveling to meet my father who was serving in the Marine Corps in California. Mother and grandma said they remembered the train stopping for a long period of time and then suddenly starting again and traveling on to California. My father heard of the wreck while he was waiting for us at the depot in California and did not know if we were part of the dead or alive until the three of us walked up to him at the depot. I am 72 years old now and with the internet available I searched for the story I was told as I was growing up. Thank you for offering the evidence needed to support the story I was told over the last 60 years.