Bagley, UT Train Wreck, Dec 1944

Injured, Civilians.
D. E. ALTMAN, S. P. brakeman, minor injuries.
MRS. ANDREW BUTTI, no home address, Elko hospital, serious injuries.
PRYOR BRADFORD, Oakland, Calif., S. P. employe, burns.
VICTOR BROWN, Oakland, Calif, S. P. waiter, back injury.
VERA BEARFIELD, Warren, Pa., leg injuries.
MRS. EDWIN O. BYRNE, Alameda, Calif., leg injuries.
PETER BYRNE, son of MRS. BYRNE, leg injuries.
JAMES BARROW, S. P. brakeman, minor injuries.
L. E. CAMPBELL, S. P. fireman, minor injuries.
MRS. ANNA EDVALDSON, Ogden, leg and back injuries.
MR. AND MRS. J. E. EDWARDS, Rt. 3, Carterville, Ga., leg injuries.
MRS. PERRY F. EASON, Redwood City, Calif., leg injury not determined.
MR. AND MRS. A. G. FERRIS, Cherokee, Ia., leg injuries.
D. R. GREEN, San Francisco, Calif., Pullman conductor, serious burns.
CLARENCE HEBERER, S. P. steward, Alameda, Calif., head lacerations and possible internal injuries.
JAMES E. HARDING, Oakland, Calif., S. P. waiter, back and head injuries.
ANDREW HILL, S. P. waiter, Oakland, Calif., minor injuries.
M. E. HARDMAN, fireman, minor injuries.
RUTH HOOVER, 21, address unknown, fractured leg.
LOUIS A. KING, Berkeley, Calif., waiter, back and leg injuries.
CLYDE LEACH, Berkeley, Calif., leg injuries.
MRS. FRANK MEIGHAN, Sacramento, Calif., head and leg injuries.
MRS. CLIFFORD MOSS, Ogden, shock.
MRS. FRANK MILIGAN, Sacramento, Calif., head and leg injuries.
O. C. MERRIOTT, Millbrae, Cal., ankle injuries.
PHYLLIS MATTSON, Martin Grove, Calif., back injuries.
SAUL PHILLIPS, 833 Second Street, Oakland, Cal., internal injuries.
MRS. M. J. RALASKE, San Leandro, Cal., serious injuries.
C. A. RUSSELL, brakeman, Ogden, minor injuries.
MRS. B. J. SMITH, Berkeley, Calif., injuries unknown.
LORENE SCHWEINFORT, Lindall, S. D., leg fractures.
MRS. WILLIAM SEAMAN, Salt Lake City, burns.
W. S. STARK, San Francisco, back and leg injuries.
ARTHUR SEEMLICK, Milwaukee, Wis., leg injuries.
MRS. RUTH B. THOMAS, Berkeley, Calif., ankle fracture.
OTIS M. TINDALL, student steward, face, arm and chest injuries.
MRS. GEORGE A. WALKER, Sparks, Nev., fractured spine.
MR. GEORGE A. WALKER, Sparks, Nev.
CARMEN WALKER, Sparks, Nev., injuries undetermined.

Injured, Service Personnel
S-1C RALPH E. RIDLEHOOVER, Plum Branch, S. C., leg fractures.
S-2C CHARLES J. HARTWIG, Route 5, Monroe, Wis., leg fracture.
FC M/3 WILLILAM E. ALBRECHT, 3042 Forrest Avenue, Lyndhurst, N. J., leg fracture.
Six soldiers unidentified.

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Does anyone know if there is a list anywhere of all aboard when this happened? I am searching for a relative.


Just wanted to comment that I am one of the survivors of this train wreck. According to my parents, I was traveling with my mother and my grandmother on my dads side. I was two months old and in later years I was told of the train wreck. We were traveling to meet my father who was serving in the Marine Corps in California. Mother and grandma said they remembered the train stopping for a long period of time and then suddenly starting again and traveling on to California. My father heard of the wreck while he was waiting for us at the depot in California and did not know if we were part of the dead or alive until the three of us walked up to him at the depot. I am 72 years old now and with the internet available I searched for the story I was told as I was growing up. Thank you for offering the evidence needed to support the story I was told over the last 60 years.